Death at the Savoy: A Priscilla Tempest Mystery 2022

In Bookstores: May 28, 2022

Published by Douglas & McIntyre

Nanaimo Girl 2020

Released: March 2020

Published by Cormorant Books

Bertie and Felix 2017

Sign the recipients name in the placard dangling from Bertie’s mouth.

Bertie and Felix is a children’s book dedicated to Felix, my great nephew, who’s mad about dinosaurs (or he was at the time I wrote and illustrated the book in 2017). Seven-year-old Felix and his best friend, a dinosaur (brachiosaurus) named Bertie hook up with Perry, (a pterosaur with a 39-foot-wing span) and Milton, the Musical Elephant. Bertie’s so tall, Felix has to climb a 50-foot ladder to talk with him. Little children can learn BIG words in Bertie and Felix.


Music Videos of Briony Kemp-Griffin 2020

Briony Kemp-Griffin, the multi-talented granddaughter of my friends Scott and Krystyne Griffin, contacted me last fall. Did I know anything about recording studios here in Victoria? No, says I, but I can make one. I contacted David Malysheff, uber cameraman, for the visuals and sound, and artist/guitarist Patrick Pothier for the music. We met in October and when Briony and Patrick played together, there was magic in the air. I arranged all this before I heard Briony sing. What if she had a terrible voice or sang off key? So it was all smiles when she hit the ivories playing I Made a Deal with the Devil. We filmed three songs on February 29, 2020. Listen for yourself.

Briony Kemp-Griffin and Patrick Pothier

I Made a Deal with the Devil

Briony: I wrote this while sitting on my bathroom floor in the middle of the night. It was during a period in which I felt an immense sense of loneliness, fear, and anxiety. I had questions and I needed to try and make some sense of it all, so I just started having a conversation with the Devil.

I Would If I Could:

Briony: I would If I Could is an honest conversation between my fragile and stronger self. It was a moment where I doubted my own abilities and worth, and needed to be reminded that I was loved and cared for by my own self. The song is now a soothing hymn to me anytime my vulnerability surfaces.

I’ve Got a Friend

Briony: I wrote this song a little while ago in response to the Alabama Abortion Ban enacted in May, 2019. In never really had the opportunity to express what I thought or where I stood. It became clear that I had questions, and it was only as the song unfolded that I realized I had a lot to say.

Hattie’s Heist 2014

Hattie, a kind of geriatric Robin Hood, pulls off a bank job with a gang of like-minded cash-strapped octogenarians in an act of desperation and protest against the banking industry’s huge profits. Starring Maxine Miller, Christopher Gaze and Matt Frewer, the crime caper was directed by John Kent Harrison who co-wrote the screenplay with producer Prudence Emery. Hattie’s Heist was filmed on location in Victoria during monsoon season in 2014.