Ron & Don

One of the wonderful things that transpire when you write a book is that old friends emerge from your past.

Two of these friends were show business journalists Ron and Don, Ron Base from the Toronto Star and Don Short, a columnist for London’s Daily Mirror.

Ron dates back to my days as a unit publicist (1974-2007).  He visited my first film set Black Christmas, which became a cult film starring Margo Kidder, pre L.A., but his favourite was Middle Age Crazy where  he was kissed by Ann-Margret. 

He contacted me when Nanaimo Girl came out –wait a minute, let’s get this right – when Nanaimo Girl was published in April, 2020. 

Generous soul that he is, Ron created the celebrity collage on my home page.  He read my book and I read The Sanibel Sunset Detective Goes to London,  one of his Sanibel Sunset Detective series which is published by West-End Books.

Don goes back even further to my days at the Savoy (1968 to 1973) where we knocked back – wait a minute, let’s get this right – sipped rather a lot of champagne.  I tracked him down in June 2020 having learned that he’d written his memoirs, The Beatles and Beyond. Published by Wymer Publishing, the book chronicles his years writing and hobnobbing with such celebrities as the Beatles and The Rolling Stones to Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Harris. How to find Don? I Googled “Don Short book UK”.  Up came his UK publisher. I emailed the customer service saying, “Can you please forward my query to Don Short, ‘You’re in my memoire, and I want to know if I’m in yours.”  I received an answer the very next day.  Consequently he ordered my book and I, his.  Trans Atlantic transactions.

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