First Book Signing

Front page, Vancouver’s The Province Entertainment section.

Yesterday a story of Nanaimo Girl ran on the front page of YOU in the Vancouver Sun. Today, another front page story was splashed in the The Province’s entertainment section.

To top it off, an email from my publisher informed me that Nanaimo Girl hit the number one spot on Amazon’s Bestseller List for Entertainment Biographies.

I felt a little bit stunned and a lot excited.

When I picked up the Vancouver Sun in Oak Bay, I saw that Ivy’s, the bookstore across the street, was half open. By that I mean that the top half of their door was open, a Dutch door. COVID precautions. I paid them a visit.

“Are you selling Nanaimo Girl?” I asked standing outside on the sidewalk.

“Yes.” Came the reply from deep inside the store.

Retorts the pushy author (me), “You should put it in your window.”

“It was in the front window,” says a defensive voice.

“Put it back,” says I, “because it’s on the front page of the YOU section in the Vancouver Sun. You will sell lots of copies. I’m the author. Would you like me to sign some copies?”

“Oh yes,” says the voice, now enthusiastic.

They set me up, still outside, on a small rickety table, sprayed my hands with disinfectant and I signed eight books.

What a thrill.

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