The Deer Barkers of Oak Bay

Awarff awarff awarff;  rrrrrrrrr, rrrrrrr, rrrrr!  What’s going on?   Two ladies with notable hair– silver and red –are barking at the deer which wander freely around Oak Bay in Victoria much as sacred cows do in India.  I don’t know what the sacred cows graze on, but everyone who has a garden in Oak Bay knows, their precious plants and vegetables here one day, gone the next, chowed down by the deer.

Once in a while the gardeners threaten to have the deer culled, but the public outcry puts an end to that.

Inspired by the deer, Ann Nolte and I formed an exclusive club, “The Deer Barkers.”  Any time we see a deer, we bark ferociously. The funny thing is, the deer don’t pay us the slightest bit of attention. They might raise their heads and pitch their ears in our direction, but that’s all the action we get. They ignore us to return to their grazing.

We might be viewed as, “Failed Deer Barkers.” But as long as it keeps us 80-year-olds laughing, we consider it a triumph.

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