At long last, I’m out!

Nanaimo Girl took five years to arrive, and here she is!

After a five year wait, my long anticipated memoir, Nanaimo Girl, arrived at my door via UPS on April  1, 2020.  In fact, a box of ten author’s (moi!) books were delivered simultaneously in a box from my publisher, Cormorant Books, and an envelope from Amazon.

The reason I ordered my own book from Amazon was that in November 2018, believing the book was about to be printed,  at least a dozen friends ordered Nanaimo Girl from Amazon.  They received their copies two years later. Which meant that they were reading my memoir before I even held a copy in my hand.

But on the memorable day when I first clutched my memoir, I kid you not, it appeared to be luminescent. The book that is, not my hand!

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